The Dubstech Protothon Wordmark 2020

ScaleHack'24- Med Hack

February 2, 2024 – February 3, 2024
Shifa Convention Center, Perinthalmanna

Test your rapid prototyping and design thinking skills! Push the limits of your mind to make something amazing innovations for medical and health tech domains

1.5L +
Price Pool
Problem Statements

How Does it Work?

You’re used to the normal product development  process – now try it at 10x the speed. The added benefit is A Pool of experts to mentor you build the products for Health industry.

1. Understand the Problem

Pick a prompt from one of our tracks: AI/ML, IoT, or Open Track. Each prompt gives you some info, but you’re encouraged to research the problem yourself! and We have our expert pool both Doctors and Techies to assist you further.

Understand the Problem | Dubstech Protothon 2020
Understand the Problem | Dubstech Protothon 2020

2. Ideate & Design Solutions

Once you’ve got a grasp on the problem, Jot down your ideas. Create Solutions , do some Analysis, draw up some mockups – keep iterating, whichever way works best for you!

3. Race to realize it digitally

After you’ve nailed your Plan, bring it up to speed. Use tools and convert it to functional products something beautiful and interactive.

Understand the Problem | Dubstech Protothon 2020
Understand the Problem | Dubstech Protothon 2020

4. Submit & Win Prizes!

Submit your prototype and our esteemed judges will judge your work. You might just win a prize from the pool of 1,50,000 INR!

The Tracks

Select a prompt from any one of the following tracks. The prompts will be released for each track on the day of the event.

AI Bot assisting doctor

AI/ML Track

Focus on creating cutting-edge AI, machine learning, and large language models to advance medical diagnostics, treatment personalization, and healthcare data analysis

IoT Track

Innovate and develop IoT solutions to revolutionize patient care, enhance remote monitoring, and improve healthcare delivery systems.

Open Track

Unleash creativity in any area of healthcare, exploring novel solutions in medical technology, patient care, and healthcare management without constraints.


Win Big for Innovating Better! Explore our diverse range of prizes - from breakthrough electronics to pioneering AI solutions. Exciting rewards await your genius in healthcare tech innovation. Step up, stand out, and seize your prize!

Best award

🌟 Best Overall Solution

Rs 50,000

🏆 Best Electronics Project

Rs 30,000

💡 Best Use of AI/ML

Rs 30,000

🚀 Most Promising Healthcare Innovation

Rs 15,000

🤝 Best OpenSource Solution

Rs 15,000

🌐 Most Innovative Use of Emerging Technologies

Rs 10,000

The Mentors

The amazing panel of Subject Matter Experts to guide you during the hack

Rashid Abdulla

Cofounder @Helloi

Nadeem Ahmed

Program Manager @ KDISC

Muhammed Jaseel P

Technical Program Manager @ Ghat

Navaneeth KT

Co-Founder @Enablement OS

Jaiden John

ML Researcher @ MIT

Karthik K

AI Engineer @ Litmus7

Naeem Hadiq

Product @ Pricesenz

Shaheen Hyder

CEO @ Pygrammers

Danwand Ns

CTO @ Pygrammers

Abhimanyu R B

Tech Lead @TinkerHub CEK

Pranoy Dev S

Senior Technical Consultant @Egnyte

Sunith VS

Founder @Lamsta

Vineeth KP

Software Developer @Mello

Minshad Babu

Technical Assistant @CUSAT Fablab

Kumaresan C S

Community Liason @Mozilla Kerala

What's Going Down

We will be updating this schedule with workshops. Stay tuned for future announcements.

Day 2

Saturday, February 3rd (IST)

Mentor Evaluation -2
10:00 AM
PPT and Product Submission
2:00 AM
Evaluation Starts (pitch)
Results + Awards + Closing Notes
4:30 PM

Day 1

Friday, February 2th (IST)

8:30 AM
Inauguration & Problem Statement Revealing
9:30 AM
Team Finalisation and Session 1
9:30 AM
Start Hacking
10:00 AM
Session - 2 (Cybersecurity and Leveraging Opensource)
12:30 AM
Mentor Evaluation- 1
6:00 PM
Guidelines and Explanation on Final Submission
9:00 PM
Game Night & Dinner
10:00 PM

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